Sunday Night @ Beard Papa's

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Beard Papa's is an all natural cream puff chain from Japan with the yummiest choux pastry delights! Each giant puff is baked fresh daily and filled with a heavenly whipped cream custard that takes two hours to prepare.

The hungry crowd eagerly awaiting their puffs...

The five panel menu with nothing over $3.00!

Adorable logo - wonder if he is the Fisherman's Friend?

Love the modern electronic marquee!

Cream puffs, eclair, cheesecake stick, and fondant au chocolate, oh my!

2 chocolate, 2 vanilla & 2 green tea...nom nom nom

Available in vanilla, chocolate, or a rotating array of specialty flavours (such as caramel, earl grey, or mango), the puffs are plumped with cream to order and can be purchased from Beard Papa's on the upper level of Pacific Mall :)

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