Mini Maker Faire: The Power is Yours!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Just as Captain Planet and the Planeteers united to make an awesome team to save the world, crafters, designers, and hackers will be uniting this May for Toronto's first ever Mini Maker Faire!

Not sure what a Maker Faire is? Check out this succinct lil nugget of info from the presenters:

"Maker" refers to hobbyists and professionals, from hackers to crafters, who are dedicated to the act of creation. It is a culture built on do-it-yourself (DIY) values. Maker Faires and Mini Maker Faires present opportunities for Makers to compare notes, spark ideas for new projects and expand collaboration.

Taking place at the beautiful Evergreen Brick Works from May 6-8, co-organizers The Treehouse Group and Site 3 coLaboratory are also offering the public lots of ways to participate:

  • For independent and commercial makers who want to share a project/product through an interactive workshop/demo. Apply by April 15!

  • It takes a pretty penny to throw an event of this scale, so consider donating to the project via Ulule. Scaled rewards include high fives, laser cut pins and robot illustrations :) If money's a bit tight, donate your social currency by posting the campaign on your Twitter or Facebook.

  • Not only is Maker Faire cheap to attend, but it's also age-appropriate for the whole family. Tickets range from $1.11 for a child day pass to $15.00 for a full weekend adult pass.

  • Want to make a difference at one of the most innovative events of the year? Get the inside scoop on all the action by applying to be a volunteer! Intriguingly enough, the last question on the application asks if you have any experience working with pyrotechnics...

With a Mini Maker Faire already come and gone in Ottawa and a future Mini Maker Faire planned for Vancouver, let's see Toronto shine with all the talent we have in this bright, beautiful city!

Extra Credit: Toronto's Mini Maker Faire will also coincide with Science Rendezvous, Ontario's largest public science festival. Open to all ages, feel free to check out both events to get geeked-out-to-the-max!

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