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Friday, 20 May 2011

Please don't mind the mess as the blog goes under a mini makeover!

We'll have things back in tip-top shape in no time :) Until then, enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely long weekend!

Image: Pugs.nl blog

5 notes:

Unknown said...

Looking good so far ;D

Nathalie & Benita said...

aw too cute! he's so chubby and wrinkly. i like the new look btw. did german help?

JessicaEats said...

Raa isnt baaddd.. some of its really good! but im pretty biased cause i compare stuff to Guu all the time. plus being from Vancouver, where izakayas are a flowing, there's a lot more to choose from. But after re-trying Tsuki izakaya down the street from Raa (i will need to post soon cause i gave it a positive review the first time! but i had the tuna tataki and it was like eating feet... sooo bad) btw! thanks for liking my blog picture!!!!! hahahaah i was lol'ing the whole time i was drawing it... at.. work. haha!

lai mai said...

Nats - I know, everyday would be a little more complete if I had a pug :) And yes, your brother is leading the way on the redesign!

Jessica - Tuna that tastes like feet?! That is never a good sign...^^;; And that's so awesome you drew it yourself (at work too!) Is your job food related? :)

JessicaEats said...

im pretty sure it was rancid tuna... there were some redeeming qualities at that place... but like a 2/10 dishs... bleugh!

heehee no!!! i work at the head office at an apparel wholesale company...=D


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