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Monday, 6 June 2011

As we transition into our summer series (Hiccups and Dan for Mayor anyone?), TV networks announced their cuts and new draft picks from hundreds of pilots for the upcoming fall season. Here are the shows I'll be sad to see go and some new shows I can't wait to meet.


Mr. Sunshine

I'm sorry Matthew Perry! This show was light, cute and entertaining. And after so many seasons of Friends, I really felt like it was my karmic duty to tune in to support Chandler's (uh...I mean Matt's) newest venture. Sadly, I could never quite remember when it was on and I wasn't too motivated to find out.

Lie to Me

I'm a bit flabbergasted by this one. Lie to Me had all elements of a successful crime procedural: a psychologically complex male protagonist, a rational female foil, and an exaggerated scientific angle that gives our hero an uncanny ability to solve cases. If I had to take a guess, I'd blame the declining viewership on the show's similarity to The Mentalist and the lack of romantic development between the two lead characters.


Oh J.J. Abrams, I know what you were thinking with this one: "What if we could repeat the success of Alias with not one, but two sexy spies and throw in some marriage dynamics for good measure?" Sadly, the formula didn't pan out, even though Undercovers featured exotic locales, glamorous undercover work, and good chemistry between the two leads. The quirky twist of the couple also owning a catering company might have been the downfall.



Everyone's favourite vampire slayer is back in a brand new series that sees Sarah Michelle Gellar playing twin sisters who both have a dangerous secret to hide. Bridget is a recovering drug addict who flees to New York after witnessing a professional hit. She reunites with her estranged sister Siobhan who leads a wealthy and idyllic life with her handsome husband, Andrew. But when Siobhan mysteriously disappears overboard on a boating trip, Bridget takes on her sister's identity, only to discover the dirty little secrets that may make Siobhan's life as deadly as her own.

Once Upon a Time

Action, adventure, and a fairytale full of twists and turns, Once Upon a Time sees the long lost daughter of Snow White fighting to restore the once magical kingdom of Storybrooke. But Emma Swan isn't your average princess; she's a modern-day bail bonds collector who is more than a little skeptical of her destiny. Drawn to a strange town where magic is forgotten, by a son that she gave up years ago for adoption, Emma soon learns that everything is not as it seems in this strange new drama from the writers of Lost.

Pan Am

A blatant ploy for our Mad Men-esque affections, this new series dives into the jet age when being a Pan Am stewardess was the height of glamour and fashion. Throw in some wining and dining plus a hint of international espionage, and we may have something tantalizing enough to hold us over until March, when viewers can decide if they want their 60s fix on Madison Avenue or up in the air.

The Finder

A midseason replacement for Bones while series lead Emily Deschanel goes on maternity leave, this procedural follows a similar formula for success. It's based on 'The Locator' books by Richard Greener and stars a quirky male protagonist with an uncanny knack for locating people, objects, and just about anything else that may be MIA. The backdoor pilot premiered in a crossover episode on Bones and I was thoroughly impressed with the lead actor's (Geoff Stults) rugged good looks and awkward demeanour. It's kind of what I would imagine Bones and Booth would be like if they were squished into one person. Sadly, Saffron Burrow's supporting role as a tough bartender sidekick will be recast when the series premieres.


By far the juiciest pilot on slate for next year, Alcatraz is J.J. Abrams newest thriller about a time travelling mystery at one of America's most notorious prisons. When Alcatraz closed in 1963, 302 of the country's worst criminals vanished without a trace. Until 2011, when inmate Jack Sylvane returns and commits murder, looking 85 years young and like he hasn't aged a day since his disappearance.

A young female detective (Sarah Jones) teams up with an Alcatraz junkie (Jorge Garcia) to figure out why these men are returning now and what they might be after. Throw in a sinister looking government agent that knows more than he may seem and it looks like we have something that can truly rival Lost.

What shows are you looking forward to next season? :)

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