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Friday, 19 August 2011

Enjoying a week in the sun filled with farmer's markets, gorgeous views and impromptu late-night dinners at an old gas station. No fuel, just food trucks :)

Special shout-out to the K.O. Taco Truck who makes the yummiest Kurabuta pork belly tacos. I only have a photo of the menu though since the taco is already in my belly....!

Los Angeles is a funny kind of place. It reminds me of how I imagine Mexico would be and some parts look like they're pulled straight from old Las Vegas.

On one hand, it's health and eco-conscious with lots of fresh produce and a bustling food truck scene (built in portion control anyone?) On the other hand, city districts are plentiful, but at times indistinguishable and it really takes 20 minutes and a car to get anywhere.

But the mornings are foggy and forgiving (perfect for runners) and the sun comes out bright and cheerful in the afternoon with temperatures that hover at almost always perfect.

Off to the beach today and a visit to a long-time favourite - Japanese lifestyle shop Tortoise on Abbot Kinney :)

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