hitRECord at the Movies with Joseph Gordon Levitt

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cute and charming in person!  I had a great time attending this special mini edition of hitRECord at TIFF this year and I hope to be able to catch a full show in the future.

Since this is an open collaborative project, lots of footage from the show can be found online at: http://hitrecord.org/records/499362

Lucky for us, Levitt was coming directly from the gala premiere for his new film 50/50 so he bought screenwriter Will Reiser and actress Anna Kendrick with him. Added bonus! It was amazing to hear Will speak about how his real-life battle with cancer informed the script and Anna pitched in later too with an excellent reading of a hitRECord story in the making.

Now if only I had been able to attend hitRECord fall formal in LA, I might have also been able to meet another one of my heroes - Neil Patrick Harris!

(Photos via hitRECord)

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