TV Dinner: Dr. Who

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

For our latest installment of TV Dinner, we're skipping across the pond to the whimsical world of beloved British sci-fi series Dr. Who.

For fans of the sophisticated story lines and compelling characters (not to mention the obvious allure of adventuring through time and space), these galaxy salt and pepper shakers from LEIF would make the perfect gift for aspiring companions of the mercurial time travelling doctor.  

Handmade by homeware designer Alison Brent, the marbled surface is streaked with metallic cracks of gold and the iridescent finish up top fits in well with the galactic theme too. Although not quite a TARDIS blue, the pattern reminds me of the "cracks in the universe" first spotted in Amy Pond's bedroom during the premiere episode of the eleventh doctor's storyline.

Whether chasing after baddies, fighting Daleks, or rescuing River Song, these ceramic shakers would make a stunning addition to the dinner table and would also serve as a fun grown-up nod to the kid inside who would give anything for a taste of adventure.

PS - On a scale of 1-10, how fantastic was the season 7 premiere of Dr. Who? I'm so curious to learn more about Oswin Oswald, Clare Oswin (the new companion) and how the two relate.

Until next time!

(Photos by BBC OneLEIF and Wikipedia)

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