Netflix Pick: Celeste + Jesse Forever

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Have you seen the romantic dramedy Celeste + Jesse Forever

It's a fascinating and funny love story about a married pair of best friends who are going through a divorce. Their cute and quirky marriage is already over by the end of the opening credits and the rest of the movie explores the various complications and entanglements that come with separating from your best friend. 

With Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in the lead roles, the movie strikes a great balance between humour and honesty. Jones plays the protagonist with aplomb and Samberg is surprisingly earnest and endearing in an uncharacteristically serious acting role.  

The movie also has a stellar soundtrack that's pretty much the quintessential heartbreak mix for the cool kids.  
The story is a bit heartbreaking, but it also has a lot of heart. Jones co-wrote the script with her writing partner Will McCormack (and no, not Will from Will & Grace...that's Eric McCormack - don't worry, I got excited too.) She also included a lot of her own real-life dating experiences for some wickedly fun cringe-worthy moments that enriched the story and made it more intimate.

See it if you're a fan of love stories that aren't afraid to dive into the nitty gritty details of a complicated adult relationship and skip it if you can only stomach meet-cutes and happy endings.

Movies that are similar in tone include Sarah Polley's Take this Waltz and Richard Linklater's famed trilogy, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and the recently released Before Midnight

If you're on the fence, I highly recommend you give it a shot as Celeste & Jesse Forever has given me a new found admiration and respect for Jones as both a writer and a leading lady. 

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