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Thursday, 19 September 2013

After the surprising announcement that the next season of True Blood will be its last, I thought I'd round up some of my favourite southern-inspired finds to pay tribute to the show's mysterious mix of gothic southern charm...
  • It makes me infinitely sad that the talented musicians behind country/folk duo The Civil Wars are currently not on speaking terms. Joy Williams and John Paul White have been estranged since November 2012, but by moxie or miracle, they released a sophomore self-titled album (recorded last year while on tour) just this past month. My favourite track is called to 'Dust to Dust' and you can preview it for free over at NPR's All Songs Considered.
  • This stunning digital print by Korean artist Madame Lolina reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse's sleek black Diane von Frustenberg dress in the episode Dead Meat. Off to meet her potential faerie-vampire husband, Sookie's outfit encapsulates the sexy, dangerous, and supernatural energy that makes True Blood so deliciously watchable. Madame Lolina's 'Crow Hat' print shares a similarly alluring quality with the crow's glossy black feathers complementing the model's dramatically winged eyeliner and almost stiflingly ornate dress. Available in three print sizes over at The Working Proof
  • Southern Tupelo Honey Favours from Pressed Cotton - Of all the different honeys I've tasted, Tupelo honey has got to be my favourite. Harvested from tupelo trees that only grow along four rivers in Florida and Georgia, this swampland honey is prized for its pure and slightly floral flavour that is perfect simply scooped out of the jar and savoured. Read more about the fascinatingly tricky process of producing tupelo honey here
  • Southern Lights Electric Co. x Pennyweight Goods - It was love at first light when I first set my eyes upon this elegant lamp by Adam Gatchel of Southern Lights Electric Co. Designed to darken and age over time, this limited edition steel and brass swing arm wall lamp makes the rustic refined with its use of unfinished steel and raw brass. Sadly this edition is already sold out at Pennyweight, but you can view more of Adam's stunning fixtures (along with his commercial work) over on his website

What will you miss most about True Blood when the TV series wraps up its run?

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